Manufacturers of humidors for cigars Wacota

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Manufacturers of humidors for cigars Wacota

We are manufacturers of Cigar Humidors of the highest quality in Madrid, Spain, for more than 40 years. Like humidor craftsmen that we are, we have an extensive catalogue. We show you our range of cigar humidors by category, that is, according to size and storage capacity.

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The humidor you need...

Cigars are kept in perfect condition

Our humidors are made of Spanish cedar wood to keep the cigars like the first day. We have been manufacturing humidors for more than four decades, so we have a wide range of models to cover all needs.

As humidor artisans, at Wacota Humidor for cigars we believe in a job well done.

With over 40 years on our backs as Manufacturers of Humidorsperfection down to the last detail is our commitment. We mix the latest technologies with the handcrafted work of our carpenters to create humidors of cedar of high quality. The result is functional, long-lasting and exclusive humidors.

Cigar humidors available by size

Personal humidors

The Personal humidors are ideal for the Little Amateur Because they keep almost 100 cigars in an effective and lasting way. The interior is made in Spanish cedar Wood. The exterior finish can be chosen by the customer.

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Desktop Humidors

The Desktop Humidors are particularly suitable for the hobbyist and for the point of sale. The exterior can be realized in the Finish that the customer chooses. They have interior space for Store boxes.

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Medium speakers

Our range of Humidors Medium Display They are ideal for the amateur or the point of sale. They usually have a capacity of 20 to 50 boxes of assorted cigars and their interior space is elaborated in Spanish cedar. 

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Large Exhibitors

The Large Display Humidors They are ideal for the amateur and for the point of sale for that reason they have a capacity of 80 boxes of cigars. Cedar interior space usually has four shelves for storing boxes.

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The Humidors Showcase They have a capacity usually of 80 to 150 boxes of cigars. The interior space all worked out in Spanish cedar It's very big. A lower part to store boxes and the HR6 Electronic Humidifier,

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Other Products

We manufacture and market other related products, such as HR6 Electronic Humidifier, HR6 Mini model and the CigarSpa humidifier. We also manufacture Tables for cutters or cigar twirl.

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We want to help you and that you find the humidor for cigars that you need

Our vocation of service as humidor craftsmen is that you find the model that best suits your needs. We have more than 40 models of cedar humidors. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't worry, we make it to measure and according to your tastes.

Working in Humidors Wacota

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