Top Five Professional Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidor Models for Professionals

This is our selection of humidors for professionals

The variety of Wacota cigar humidor models covers all kinds of needs. In a previous post we explained which were the best five amateur cigar humidors. Now, we propose a selection of five cigar humidors for professionals.

In the case of professional retail establishments, the needs are different from those of amateurs. Tobacconists store large quantities of cigars, so they need humidors for large professionals, display cabinets or even cellars made to measure.

In addition, the rotation of your cigars, with a constant opening of the humidor, makes it more necessary than ever to keep the humidity at 70% inside the humidor. On the other hand, humidors with glass doors are very useful for tobacconists. This way, these models allow to better show the product to the customer. It is also easier for professionals to see where the product requested by a smoker is.

The humidity in this type of humidor is electronic. For this reason, all our professional humidors have the electronic humidifier hr6. This device maintains in a simple and efficient way the humidity inside the humidor at 70%. Another important option is the lighting paneling and display trays. In Wacota humidors we use cold led lights to avoid light heating.

We propose the following five cigar humidors for professionals:

  • Bavaria and Bavaria doubleThe model is ideal for large establishments. It has been designed to be placed in the middle of the water closet, without sticking any of its sides to the wall. As it has glass on all four sides and at the top, the products can be displayed in a very visible and aesthetic way for consumers. It is very useful to look for the product without having to open it. With three shelves, it holds 150 boxes or 300 depending on the size. The exterior can be in mahogany, bubinga, cherry, black lacquer and walnut. It includes our HR6 Humidifier to create the perfect humid environment for the cigars.

Humidor model Bavaria double black lacquer finish


  • BelgradeThe humidor: This elegant humidor is part of the range of cigar humidors for professionalsdisplay cabinet. It has a capacity for 150 cigar boxes. It is a good choice to be placed on any wall of the cigar shop. It can be fitted with LED lights to illuminate the products on the eight trays distributed along the length of the humidor. It also has a HR6 humidifier and can be finished in mahogany, bubinga, cherry, black lacquer and walnut.

Humidor model Belgrade finished in walnut


  • BreezeThe Belgrade model: with capacity for 120 boxes, it is like the Belgrade model to be placed on the wall. The doors on the top have glass to show the cigars. The doors on the lower part are made of wood for box storage and location of the humidor, which is our HR6 system. This humidor can be finished in mahogany, bubinga, cherry and walnut.

Humidor model Brisa finished in bubinga wood


  • SovereignThe other model is of the "two glass doors" typedisplay cabinet, from top to bottom. It is very useful for storing up to 150 boxes of cigars and showing them to consumers. Its glass doors also allow you to locate the product you want to take out of the humidor without having to open it to look for it. The proper humidification is provided by our HR6. Its finish can be mahogany, bubinga, cherry or walnut.

Humidor model Sovereign white lacquer finish


  • Big AmateurThe display cabinet design is modern and very functional at the same time. Its sloping shelves and glass doors make it a great showcase for displaying products. In addition, it has various finishes to combine with any space: bubinga, cherry, black lacquer and walnut. It also has our HR6 Humidifier included and the possibility of interior lighting.

Humidor model Amateur cherry finish with interior lighting


The Wacota humidor catalogue has a wide variety of models

These five professional cigar humidors are a selection from our extensive catalogue that may be of interest to professionals. They are models from the large display categories, display cabinets and cellars. Besides them, we have small models, more thought for amateurs (personal and desktop). Also medium models for establishments and big amateurs.

The conservation of cigars is essential to keep them fresh and with their characteristics intact. Professionals know this and that is why tobacconists have humidors or cellars to store the cigars. This ensures that the products they sell are stored in the ideal conditions, without the risk of spoiling them.

In this way, consumers can rest assured that the cigars they buy in establishments with this type of device will be in perfect condition.

As we have discussed in previous articles, storing cigars in humidors is the best option so that their characteristics are not altered. These products are kept at the recommended humidity and temperature in humidors and cigar boxescellars.

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